Stages of a GORUCK Event

When I see my “regular” friends the next day or week after an event inevitably they will ask how my event went this weekend and I’ll say “It was horrible!! We had THE BEST time!”

Fellow weirdos can relate, especially my Star Course survivors.

Here are my Stages of a GORUCK Event:

1. Enthusiasm: See the patch and event description. Coerce friends to sign up. Declare it will be epic. 💪🏻

2. Slight Nervousness: At SP, hugs and high fives for fellow GRTs. Tell each other “We got this!” Discuss preparation (or lack there of). 🙌🏻

3. Reassurance: Joking and swapping stories with your buddies. Along with repeated “This is fine. It’s not as bad as (insert event where your soul was crushed).” 👊🏻

4. Trepidation: “What time is it? We’ve only gone how far?” Begin to wonder if this was the smartest decision you’ve ever made. 😬

5. Anger: Who’s *#$% idea was this? Why do I keep doing this to myself?! I’m an idiot. A masochist. I hate my stupid self right now. This is awful. 🤬

6. Acceptance: We can do this. Only a few more hours. No quitting now. Let’s grind it out. 😑

7. Euphoria: Get the patch and the beer. Pictures with friends. Photo with cadre. Hugs all around. Compare blisters and chaffing. Discuss worst parts of the event. Declare “One and done. That was horrible. No way do I need to do that again. Ever.” 😎

8. Pride and Amnesia: (24-48 hours later) “That was awesome. Next time I’ll make sure I do _____ differently.”  Get on internet. Pull up “Find an Event” page.

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